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For Jared, the parodies were very flattering, and he was ecstatic. Later, he appeared in multiple movies, including Super Size Me, a 2004 documentary about the perils of fast food. In many of his commercials as well, he included his “fat jeans,” which have a 60-inch waistband and fit him…


  1. Phala 1605 Race, GK Workshop and Phala Building Bounties are live 🚀 You can join and share 1,000,000 PHA by running excavator hubs, running Gatekeeper hub, running full-hubs, video making, applying as a digger mentor, Phala loots making, Phala NFT making, nearby network, and so on
  2. After launch, there have…

COWEN: How contingent do you think is the history of Wikipedia or something like it? If you and the people you were working with had not come along when you did and done what you did, and the field were left open, would Wikipedia be more maximizing engagement to a…


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